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single listing

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You've got one special piece of equipment that just needs to get sold.

Through Equipmentsite's single listing offering, you can list that piece for a mere $15. Include photos, make/model/brand, price, serial number, location of piece, and a description. Buyers can contact you through our secure message center. Keep it live until it's sold! Click here to list your piece.

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multiple listings

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Volume is the name of the game, and Equipmentsite is here to help!

The more pieces you have, the more exposure you get, the more business you do ... and the better your bottom line looks. Multiply that single listing by as many pieces as you have to sell, and we'll throw in a high volume discount.

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featured placement

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You always want to be that first business people see when they conduct a search - and here's your chance.

By signing up for featured placement, your company name will appear first, highlighted with eye-catching graphics to make sure you're noticed. Furthermore, the words, "Featured Partner" will show your comittment to our community. Cost to you is a measly $10/month.

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iron check report

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The products you offer your customers are of the highest quality including clean and clear titles.

And what better way to prove that then providing Iron Check Reports (through our partner National Equipment Register (NER)) for every piece you sell. Cost to you is a pittance compared to the peace of mind for your customers - only $69 per report.

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banner ads & advertising

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As a valued member of the Equipmentsite community, you well know how serious these professionals are about finding just the right partner.

And with this targeted and active Equipmentsite audience, you really do need to take advantage and pump up your exposure. Advertising with us is the perfect solution! Click here for our rate card including sizes, details and costs.

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email ad campaign

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If you're not the "wait for someone to click on my ad" type of company, then our email campaign is just the right solution for you.

You can create your own cool email (or we're happy to help you out), and we'll share it with our Equipmentsite community. You can send weekly blasts if you have piece that needs a new home, monthly blasts for those periodic specials, or one time blast to get the word out there about your company and how you serve your customers. Contact us, and let's strategize about what kind of campaign is right for you!

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Website Design

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Need a new website or maybe you're ready to add a new feature, plug-in, bell or whistle?

Maybe you just need that expert to pop into your site and tidy things up with a little content management. Well, Equipment Site's team of programmers is here to help you. With vast experience in front-end, back-end, lay-out, graphics and site mapping, we're sure to provide the type of professional product you expect.

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Art & Graphics

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Looking to step up your game and polish you professional image?

EquipmentSite's team of graphic artists can provide a wide array or professional services from business cards and stationary, to logo design and brand building campaigns. Our graphics team works closely with the programming team on any website related needs for an effective collaboration allowing you to leverage our professional team.

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Marketing & Communications

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Have something to say but struggling with writer's block?

Or, not sure how to tell your story effectively. Let us help. EQS has a team of professions who can assist. From press releases to company bio's to the latest in video and other media channels. EQS has helped take companies...

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Social Media

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The world engages on the web!

This we know. Developing a social media strategy is long past a good idea and closing in on a requirement of effective business strategies. Sound daunting? It's okay, we can help. Let us create a campaign consisting of one or all of the following - Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+,Yext, and others. We'll tailor a package to your specific needs. Concerned about the maintenance after we set you up and turn you loose? Not to worry. We have answers for that too. We offer start up posts or even ongoing maintenance. contact us...

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The world engages on the web!

Having a website is a necessity in today's business world, but it's like the ante in poker - it's merely the cost to play and does not guarantee a win. To win in the rankings game is to get to the top of the heap where browsers will pick you out from the masses. Our team will help you navigate the challenging and ever-changing world of algorithms and other head-ache-inducing elements. Simply put, let us help you get on top. We're so confident we can help we'll include an analytics report so you can monitor our progress with a dashboard emailed to you regularly.


Lead Funnel

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The whole point of all this (building a website, hosting it, maintaining it, optimizing, it, etc) is to generate new business, right?

Well, what if we skipped right to that point? How about if we generate leads for you and send them via phone or email? Better yet, what if we sent an email to your inbox with a recorded message from a hot lead ready to buy? That'd be pretty cool right? Simply call the person back and make a deal happen... We'll it is possible with our lead funnel service. Simply pay us for leads. Not sure if they are "good leads?" Well, listen to the message first. Even call the prospect before you pay and you decide if we did our job - 100% guarantee or you don't pay. Cant beat that right?

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The whole point of all this (building a website, hosting it, maintaining it, optimizing, it, etc) is to generate new business, right?

EquipmentSite utilizes the finest Customer Management Response (CRM) Systems and uses that database to help clients manage their direct mail efforts direct mail. So, whether you are mailing your own list, needing a place to store your info or looking to market to our audience, we can help. Let our team help write mailers, create graphics, import data, whatever you need. Contact us for more options

e-Market Now


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Starting a new website?

Or looking for other options or more features than your current host provides? Either way we can help. Allow us to be your web-host and we can take the pain out of that often confusing web space... Let us be your "IT person." We offer very affordable and rates plus the piece of mind of knowing that technical expert is only a call away and understands your business.

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domain management

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Need a domain name?

Or, maybe a better one (more intuitive, accurate, descriptive, easier for your customers to remember, spell, etc...) Or, how about a subordinate URL strategy that points several names at the same site? Or, even, a defensive strategy that blocks people from names close to yours by grabbing them up? I know lots to think about, right? Well, all you really need to remember is we can easily secure and host and offer some of the lowest rates in the industry. So, lets go name shopping together and let us help you build an effective, clear and defendable online brand.

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