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EquipmentSite.com Mission Statement

Who are we?

www.EquipmentSite.com is a searchable, online, web directory designed to bring buyers, sellers and vital resources together.  Using the latest web design, technology, search engine optimization (SEO) and Social Media practices available, we enable industries to unite – online.

Our Vision:  To become the online market place where industries meet and engage in commerce; locate vital resources, discover best practices, identify trends and stay in touch with one another.   

Our Mission To provide equipment sellers a highly efficient, well organized, intuitive, search optimized and state-of-the-art web tool where they can engage their buyers with resources needed to facilitate sales. 

Our Values: Key beliefs and values shared among all stakeholders of this organization are as follows:

  •  Employ a holistic approach when addressing challenges and opportunities
  •  Seek symbiotic partnerships and “win-win” scenarios; avoiding imbalances
  •  Foster a “strengths-based” environment where contributors leverage skills
  •  Prioritize the importance of effective communication(s) and connectedness

Why do we exist? 

We feel there is room for a better solution out there to improve the health of the equipment sales cycle!  A “cadence” between buyers, sellers and re-sellers would dramatically improve efficiencies for all parties.  For this to happen, buyers and sellers need an accessible and intuitive forum to find one-another, dialogue, compare options, learn best practices, seek resources and engage their industries.  

What challenges/opportunities do we address? 

Three significant problems are impacting the rental, construction equipment and outdoor power equipment industries today; (1) little web technology being leveraged, by sellers, to promote products, (2) fragmented “disposition” strategies on the part of fleet managers and (3) limited agreements, or even understanding, of (TCO) “total cost of ownership.”

What is www.EquipmentSite.com going to do about it?

EquipmentSite.com plans to change the way we do business in the future.  Our goal is to be the "preferred resource" when it’s time to shop, purchase, analyze, replace or dispose of equipment.  If we're truly adding value, we’ll be a one-stop-shop for all your equipment decision-making needs.

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